Curato is a hub for the creation, curation and dissemination of artistic, literary, intellectual and cultural production and expression. Curato achieves its mission through the different initiatives it takes. Click on each header to learn more.

Bombaykala Books

Bombaykala Books is Curato’s publishing house. Bombaykala Books publishes book-length fiction and poetry with a worldwide digital and print distribution.

Curato. Books

Curato. Books publishes book-length non-fiction and academic works with a worldwide digital and print distribution with an eye toward the global reader. The books Curato publishes search for epistemological roots and provide links to the present through both the past and the future.

Curato. Classics

The carefully curated books in this collection provide glimpses into art, culture, and the lives of people at different points in the history of the world. From poetry to prose to histories, soak in the glory of the past.

Curato Bookstore

Find all of Curato and Bombaykala Books’ books on sale here, along with a curated selection of books.

Curato Vault

Curato Vault is a curated portal for fine art, prints, sculpture, and rare books.

Curato Lecture Series

The Curato Lecture Series in collaboration with the G5A foundation for Contemporary Culture focuses on bringing out cutting edge scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities in a manner that is accessible and interesting to a general audience.