Digital Humanities


The Digital Humanities are:

“Where computing meets the big picture questions across the disciplines of the humanities. By its very nature, it involves novel methods, analysis, and tools to discover new ways of understanding the world around us. [The] Digital Humanities [are] global in scope, transmedia by default, and is as reliant on the building of new artefacts and systems as it is on the study of those systems.”
— The Dartmouth Digital Humanities Lab

The digital humanities take humanities scholarship, learning, and dissemination out of solely the domain of print and of lecture halls, and add cutting-edge tools made possible by Big Data and the advancements made by computers and the internet to create learning tools, journals, textbooks, and online platforms that transcend boundaries of traditional academia. Using tools for the digital humanities that we develop with and run, it is possible for you to give your work new life — and greater access to the public.

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