Two Full Moons

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“Vinita Agrawal stabs you through the heart. These are fine engaging poems.”
— Jayanta Mahapatra, award-winning poet

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Two Full Moons is a book of self-exploration and self-discovery. It seeks to find the universal in the personal. When the canvas expands, uniqueness dissolves and gives way to a fluid collective undergoing. The poems probe into the violence, anger and anguish rampant in society and lead us into a space where inner calm and peace appear as better options. The poems attempt to bring forth new perspectives on existential angst, tracing “the accordion play of two full moons, soaking quotidian journeys in the brine of time …”


About the Author

Vinita Agrawal is the author of three books of poetry and is an award-winning poet and editor. Recipient of the Gayatri GaMarsh Award for Literary Excellence (USA), The TallGrass Writers Guild Award (Chicago) and The Proverse Poetry Prize (Hong Kong), she’s been nominated for Best of the Net Awards 2011. Her poems have appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, The Fox Chase Review, Open Road Review, Mithila Review, The Bombay Review, Mascara Literary Review and Blue Fifth Review among others. She has read at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, SAARC literature festivals, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, Lucknow Literature Festival, Cappuccino Readings and Women Empowerment events. She judged the Raedleaf Poetry Awards 2016 (International) and Cha: An Asian Literary Journal’s ‘The Other Side’ Poetry Contest 2015. She is on the Advisory Board of the Tagore Literary Prize.


Praise for the book

“When a poet says, ‘I begin in soft syllables, bougainvillea arches,’ and, ‘I end in dead tiger skins, in the eyes of a raped child,’ one immediately assumes that she is exploring her poetic obsessions with her own poetic voice and her unique sensibility. Yet Vinita Agrawal is doing nothing less than questioning life, God, our place on earth, our heritage, love and guilt; the poet isn’t just leaving her insights to her readers to a single notion of good and evil or cause and effect. She feels certain and hopes the reader will absorb and flow with her:
‘Love doesn’t help anyone finally survive, / parting doesn’t lead to death …’ /
and / ‘Addresses also burn on pyres.’
With statements quite simple and accurate, Vinita Agrawal stabs you through the heart. These are fine engaging poems.”
— Jayanta Mahapatra, award-winning poet

“Vinita Agarwal’s poems seem to reach for something that lies just beyond their grasp. This search emerges through, and sometimes despite, the fevered accumulation of image, through ‘muttering thoughts’, through ‘the moss and lichen’ of daily distraction. It is a search for what might lie beyond ‘acquired language’, beyond the ‘crates and cartons’ of conveniently packaged lives. Lurching, backpedaling across time, without resorting to easy answers or ‘hybrid alloy’ platitudes, these are poems waiting to be delivered to ‘the doorstep of who we are’.”
— Arundhathi Subramaniam, award-winning poet

“Geographies both intimate and expansive flow through Vinita Agarwal’s poetry. Whether conjuring the visceral sights and smells of Varanasi or the contours of an emotional landscape, the maps she draws are suffused by subtle sensuality, animated by a passionate feminism and shot through with stark grief as well as deeply felt compassion. Between these Two Full Moons lies life in a myriad shades of light and dark.”
— Sophia Naz, author of Peripheries, Date Palms and Pointillism


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