Tomorrow It Will All Run Backwards


Tomorrow It Will All Run Backwards is a poignant and striking portrayal of war from the eyes of Michael Brett, who has seen first-hand the implications of conflict.


Michael Brett’s poems were written during the Civil War in the Former Yugoslavia when Michael worked in the Press Section of the Information Centre of Bosnia-Herzegovina in London. He opposed the widespread massacres of civilians that were taking placing at that time. He continued writing during the Gulf Wars and 9/11.

Michael’s work is widely known on the Internet and in Poetry anthologies. In 2014, The Wilfred Owen Association included his poem ‘Every Dead Baby is a Baby Croatian’ in their contemporary war anthology and the State University of San Diego included Michael’s poem ‘War Intelligence’ in Poetry International. In 2011, Random House USA and UK included his poems in the Ebury Book ‘Heroes: 100 Poems from the New Generation of War Poets,’ edited by the Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy. A selection of his poems is also included in the 2012 poetry anthology ‘Enduring Freedom’ edited by former Poet Laureate Andrew Motion.

This is the first time it has been assembled in one book, published by Bombaykala Books as an e-book & in print. Tomorrow It Will All Run Backwards is a collection of war poetry that, in the words of Mario Petrucci, the Imperial War Museum’s Poet-In-Residence, is “direct, point-blank. Brett is concerned with parachuting us into seeing what he, with consistently unsentimental eyes, has seen.” Rich with allusions to literature and culture, the poems remind the reader that even education and civil society can do nothing to change the horrific nature of war itself. Through this book, Brett focuses the attention of the reader onto the implications of war. The imagery is often striking and the commentary subtle, tending to convey a world of twisted values, a world striking or even beautiful in its cruelty and insensitivity to everyone -civilians or soldiers- who become just part of the technology of war.


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