Fafnir’s Heart: World Poetry In Translation

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“Some of the finest living poets and translators.” — George Szirtes
Drawn from the pages of the acclaimed e-journal Poetry at Sangam, this book features poems in 17 languages with special introductions to the work of each of the 49 featured poets and translators by editor Priya Sarukkai Chabria.

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Fafnir’s Heart: World Poetry in Translation is drawn from the pages of the adventurous and acclaimed e-journal, Poetry at Sangam. It features poems in 17 languages with special introductions to the work of each of the 49 featured poets and translators by editor Priya Sarukkai Chabria.

“We knew these delights existed around the world. It was a daydream to hold them in our hands and our minds, all together, hearing this orchestra of multiple voices in cadences of revolt and lyrics of passion. That daydream is realised now through these translations.”
— Arunava Sinha

“Fafnir’s Heart contains work by poets of various languages including, most significantly, the major languages of India. Here, some of the greatest poets of each language are translated into English by some of the finest living poets and translators. Together they open doors to a world that underlies both language and culture while embracing and projecting it. Its appearance is an affirmation of the diversity yet unity of poetic experience, which is, after all, human experience.”
— George Szirtes

“Fafnir’s Heart is an important anthology that is not only a pleasure to read, but it is also satisfyingly informative about each poet and translator. Translated literature is a bridge that connects people and cultures. It is impervious to bullets and bombs, political manipulations and religious dogma. Editor Priya Sarukkai Chabria has built such a bridge with these brilliantly translated poems.”
— Sholeh Wolpé

PRIYA SARUKKAI CHABRIA is an award-winning poet, translator and writer. She edits the e-journal Poetry at Sangam.

writers and translators

Aamer Hussain
Adil Jussawalla
Andrew Shields
Archana Venkatesan
Arjun Chaudhuri
Ashok Vajpeyi
Birgit Kempker
David Need
Grzegorz Wróblewski
Gulam Mohammed Sheikh
Hemant Divate
Hijab Ismail
Indran Amirthanayagam
Jon Davis
Joy Goswami
K Satchidanandan
Karthika Nair
Kutti Revathi
Lakshmi Holström
Lal Děd
Mala Marwah
Malathi Maithri
Mani Rao
Manuel Ulacia
Mariko Nagai
Mohan Gehani
Muhammad Iqbal
Mustansir Dalvi
Naseer Hassan
Ofelia Zepeda
Peter Waterhouse
Piotr Gwiazda
Priya Sarukkai Chabria
Rahul Soni
Rainer Maria Rilke
Ranjit Hoskote
Ravi Shankar
Robert Kelly
Roselyne Sibille
Saleem Peeradina
Sampurna Chattarji
Saudamini Devi
Shizuko Suzuki
Shrikant Verma


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