A City of Sungazers

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A collection of interlinked short stories that share the lives of two families, the Parekhs and the Patels. Set in Mumbai, these tales deliver the truths of most Indian households, exposing the reality of the City of Dreams.


Six lives.
One story.

Dive into the broken lives of two families, the Parekhs and the Patels, in a collection of interlinked short stories. Set in the city of Mumbai, where glitz and grime jostle against each other, the novel looks at the city through six unique perspectives,

A City of Sungazers powerfully binds together a heartbreakingly realistic portrait of Mumbai and explores what happens when identities marked by socioeconomic, religious and sexual differences are brought up close.

A City of Sungazers was Queenie Sukhadia’s Senior Creative Writing Honors Thesis at Dartmouth College, and won the Sidney Cox Memorial Prize for the Strongest Creative Writing Honors Thesis.


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