Submission Guidelines

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To query for your prose, poetry, and translation mansucripts, please send a query letter containing a detailed concept note, chapter-wise synopsis, three sample chapters, and a detailed bio to


The subject line for your submission email must follow the following format: NONFICTION: Title of Work (Author Name)

Your submission should contain word and PDF versions of the following:

  • A detailed proposal that describes the core arguments and main topics of exploration, the rationale behind the work, and the approach taken.
  • A detailed biographical note that includes any books published, journal and newspaper articles, and an academic biography. You should attempt to answer why you would the right person to write the book you have written or want to write.
  • A manuscript, if available, else, the first 6000 words, minimum.

All nonfiction submissions sent to us must be formatted in the following manner:

  • Author details: Name, Address, Phone Number, E-Mail, and Word Count in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of your manuscript.
  • Page Size: A4.
  • Page Numbers: Centre of the footer.
  • Line Spacing: Double.
  • Font: Garamond, Baskerville, or similar serif font.

Academic Writing

The Book Proposal

Description of the book: Describe the work, rationale, approach, and pedagogy in about 350-500 words.
Outline: Please submit a detailed outline of the book, listing and elaborating upon chapter headings and sub-headings.
Other Literature: Please submit a list of books in the field with similar topics, their strengths and weaknesses, noting their publisher, author, and year of publication. You’re writing for your academically inclined peers, so be as objective as possible. In a separate paragraph, please enumerate the special features of your approach and book.

In your email pitching the book to us, please answer the following questions:

Do you have a complete manuscript? If not, when do you expect to complete it by?
How long do you plan your book to be? Please give us an approximate word count.
Approximately how many photographs do you plan to include?
Do you plan to include material requiring permission (text, music, lyrics, illustrations)? To what extent? Have you started the permissions request process?


Please submit two chapters of your manuscript to give us an idea of your scholarship and style of writing if you do not have the entire manuscript or are in the process of writing it. If you have a complete manuscript, please send that. Please cite using the MLA style guide for the Humanities and the Chicago style guide for the Social Sciences.

Author Background

Please submit an academic CV that reflects your writing experience and educational background. Why do you think you are the right person to write this book?

Formatting Your Submission

  • Please type your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and manuscript word count in the upper right hand corner of the first page of your manuscript.
  • Please include a page number in the center of each page’s footer.
  • Manuscripts must be in A4, double spaced, justified, with size 12 Garamond or any other serif font.
  • Please send us a PDF and a Word file (.docx/.doc).

The Peer Review Process


When authors submit their work for publication to our academic imprint, after the initial stage of review by the editor, they are asked to nominate a fellow academic who knows their work well. Curato will then reach out to the nominated person, who will testify to the quality and validity of the work.


If the work in consideration passes the open review stage, we will then go ahead and reach out to an expert in the field who will read the piece after removing any mention of the author’s name to ensure that there is no bias and that any comments are as objective as possible.

Once the blind review is over, the author is informed of the status of their submission. Comments made by both the open reviewer and blind reviewer and private and confidential. The identity of the blind reviewer is unknown to the author, and vice versa.


Please send submissions and questions to