I am not a Silent Poet

These poems look at the social fabric of protest and dissent from an insider’s point of view. They bear the stamp of societies going through upheavals with a focus on sharp cleavages in humanity. Guha plays with satire and undercuts it with a subtle sense of despair that pervades his poetry. India’s North East — and the hills where the poet resides — surface as a motif of hope and nostalgia, and occasionally retreat. The poetry here is personal and social, and at times, a painful denial of the present.

“In nimble verses, contoured and earthy, playful and dense, bouncy and placid, Ananya S. Guha’s I am Not a Silent Poet lays bare the oxymorons of life — it takes us to a hilly Shillong tinted with a robust “fullness,” an abundance of colours, an existence taut with many hues of experiential realities; it weeps over the brazen political ideology of a country that muffles honest voices like Gauri Lankesh’s; it hinges on myriad contemporary slices of life ranging from a burning Manipur to a wronged Asifa, the demise of innocent children in a violent, hollowed out, India to a society’s modes of creating “others” or the peripheral matter — the collection is laced with a unique verbal felicity, a bounce, desires of varied textures and a dreamy nonchalance — the poet has to be heard as his poetry is his protest, his retaliation, and his healing. As he is not a silent poet!”
— Dr. Namrata Pathak, author of That’s How Mirai Eats A Pomegranate

Dr. Ananya S. Guha is a poet, writer, and academic. He was born and raised in Shillong, in North East India and has been writing and publishing poetry for the last 35 years. He was previously the Regional Director of the Indira Gandhi National Open University.

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